Climate learning made fun

Game based climate learning and carbon literacy

No blaming and shaming 

Keeping it simple

Share the climate science in a fun and accessible way

Creators & inventors

We have a banana ‘split’ personality

We are creators inventors

We created our ‘How Bad Are Bananas?’ Carbon Footprint Games as a solution to easily start conversations around climate change with all audiences.

We invented our Carbon Literacy courses to bring motivation, hope and understanding back into climate learning.

We layer our Carbon Footprint Games and Carbon Literacy courses with robust climate data from Professor Mike Berners-Lee book ‘How Bad Are Bananas?’ and top with a generous helping of fun and bananas!

How can we help?

Pick the banana that is right for you​

What makes us Different

Why Buy?

Effective at instigating change

Players identify and resonate with the comparisons and messages the game teaches as they use their own experience of the world to reach an answer

Unique carbon footprint conversation starter

Unique carbon footprint conversation starter that provides a gateway learning experience into the world of sustainability and climate action

Based on science

The ‘How Bad are Bananas?’ book by Professor Mike Berners-Lee underpins all data used in the game and is the most up-to-date compendium of carbon footprint research in the UK

Instant learning results

Players are able to personally identify with the issues rather than coming to the learning out of context, creating a more accessible, fun and fast approach which has a lasting effect on the learner

Attention grabbing and fun

The only behaviour changing tool that puts ‘fun’ as it’s main objective, connecting actions, choices and behaviours together to empower individuals to make impactful choices

Don't just take our word for it

Award Winning

Our climate pioneers

Happy Clients

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LEt ’s pEEl off thEsE CO₂e Emissions

Join the banana movement


LEt ’s pEEl off thEsE CO₂e Emissions

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