BIG Carbon Footprint Game

Rental Option

Want the game but don’t have capacity to facilitate the game play yourself? 

Why not rent us for the day?

How it works

By renting us for the day you get the BIG Carbon Footprint Game and a trained and experienced facilitator.

The format of the day is up to you, we work with you to figure out the best way of using your time for the greatest impact with your audience.

Why you would rent us

Learning & Competitions

Learning & Competitions

play-off your top two teams

We can set-up a series of workshops so you can have your staff or stakeholders trained up in groups for an hour for in-depth carbon learning. We can add in a competitive element and have a play-off of your top two teams at the end of the day. 



Launch with an engaging activity

Launch your policies, strategies and plans or engagement programmes with a fun and engaging activity

Staff Gatherings

Staff Gatherings

Make training days fun

We cover staff training days, Christmas parties and away days – ask us for more details dependent on your own specific needs and numbers of participants



Maximise the impact

We rent our BIG game to clients who have green/ environment/ climate days or events they are celebrating or promoting. We can adapt what we do to train up some of your stakeholders in a workshop in the morning and then get them to play with other people later in the day to maximise the impact of the game.

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