The Bananas Taster

Our bananas taster online workshop will empower your target audience to arrive at climate actions themselves creating collective and impactful behaviour change.

Combining education and entertainment we use our ‘How Bad Are Bananas?’ Carbon Footprint games to engage your teams in understanding the impact of their actions on the environment.

Our facilitator will guide your audience into understanding their own carbon footprint, recognising the environmental impact of actions, products and services and brainstorming actionable steps to reduce impact.

Choose between 30, 45 or 60 minutes and we will deliver an immersive, interactive and empowering climate learning workshop that will get everyone excited and mobilised about creating a positive climate impact

Use it to

Mobilise an apathetic Senior Leadership Group

Engage your unmotivated staff team

Convince your budget holder to fund more engagement

Shake up your away day

Inspire action at different levels of your organisation

What to expect

Virtual workshop that uses 'How Bad Are Bananas?' Carbon Footprint Games to teach climate learning

Develop audience emotional connection to the importance of climate change

No unnecessary climate science jargon

Relevant and digestible learning

Interactive and full of FUN

It got us thinking

Thank you so much for your time and the brilliant game – it really got us all thinking about our personal carbon impacts. Great to have seen so many of our team engaged in your activities

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Stand and deliver

We’re a small business which means we operate under the banana highway man code of honour- payment before delivery! Our banana highway man protects us from the notorious scandals who try to slip away from payment. His code is simple, we won’t part with our prized banana taster goods until after the coins have been counted and you have delivered the doubloons.

But alas, do not worry! Once you have paid your tribute, your banana journey and all of its fruity adventures will begin!

Bespoke options

We can deliver bespoke online or face to face banana tasters for your organisation- chat to us to find out more!

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