...the digital Carbon Footprint Game

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The digital Carbon Footprint Game

is made possible through

Winner of the Women in Innovation award 2020/2021

We’ve received government-funding to develop our first digital carbon footprint game.
We’re aiming to develop it in conjunction with you – our customers, clients and friends
to produce the best digital experience for learning about climate change and carbon footprinting.

Our new digital version of our physical Carbon Footprint games is coming soon

We will take a beta version of the game to the world’s climate conference in Glasgow (COP26) in November 2021 and will launch our first saleable version in late 2022.  

Sign up to become a beta tester of our digital Carbon Footprint Game!

Together we can create the best and most effective digital Carbon Footprint Game possible. Doesn't it sound fun? Playing a game, to help us, to help you to create a better future for everyone.

No one can save our home planet alone – and there’s so much conflicting evidence and stories that don’t make sense. You want to make the change, you want to be the difference…but how do you get the proper information? And how do you pass that on in a fun way to those who also want to know the facts and pass it on? The best next step you could make from the moment of time you are currently in, is to sign up and become a beta tester. 

And forward this link to anyone you know who wants to join in the fun and become a Beta Tester of our digital Carbon Footprint Game!

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