The Digital Carbon Footprint Game

Get ready for a climate game that develops a carbon instinct and ensures climate knowledge stays in minds beyond a computer screen. Based on the data from the book ‘How Bad Are Bananas?’ by Mike Berners-Lee, this digital game delves deep into the scientific world of carbon footprints whilst engaging players with captivating gameplay.

Players will uncover the carbon footprints of everyday items, collecting coveted banana bites, solving puzzles and answering quiz questions to solidify understanding of climate issues.

Designed to make learning last

Using innovative behavioural techniques, the game has been designed to ensure that the knowledge players gain remains with them long after they have stepped away from the computer screen. It’s a game that creates awareness, develops habits and inspires meaningful action.

Shape the game you want

You and your organisation can take an active role in shaping this game! By subscribing during the development stage, you’ll not only enjoy a lower price but also have a unique opportunity to influence the game’s direction. Your input will help us create a personalised and impactful learning experience that resonates with all players.

Be a pioneer in climate change education

Be one of the first to deliver climate education throughout your organisations in a totally new and engaging way. It’s a ground breaking opportunity to inspire action and create a sustainable future through immersive gaming. Don’t miss out on being a pioneer in climate education!

Winner of the Women in Innovation award 2020/2021

The Digital carbon footprint game has been made possible due to FWW founder Emma receiving funding through winning the Women in Innovation award 2020/2021.

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