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Welcome to the How Bad are Bananas home page. We deliver Carbon Footprint Games, the Carbon Academy and Carbon Literacy Courses to educate on climate change.

You will find everything you want to know about Carbon Footprinting, Carbon Literacy courses and passing that information on to others. Science and data backed carbon footprint and climate change information that is set out in a clear, fun and enlightening way. 

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The Bananas Bunch

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BIG Carbon Footprint Game

Small Carbon Footprint Game

Digital Carbon Footprint Game

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Carbon Literacy Course for Educators

The Carbon Academy



The data of all our games come from the book
How Bad Are Bananas?
from Prof. Mike Berners-Lee

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Dr. Emma Fieldhouse


Part-time Wonderwoman, full-time hippy

Anja Fischenich​


Harry Potter nerd, loves to play underwater frisbee

Dr. Iris Joschko​


Cycles all over Europe with her dog Zuri

Sam Vestby-Clarke


Our Game Guru making games for change

Asha Mistry​

Marketing & Comms Manager ​

Social Innovation & Sustainable development

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