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Do you want to get buy-in for your organisations net zero targets?

Whether you need help to start your net zero conversations or a way to make the climate jargon simple to understand we have the solution for you.

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Quick and convincing virtual climate workshop to start net zero conversations.

Develop climate knowledge and harness individual agency with this highly interactive carbon literacy course for Sustainability Leaders.

Banana Taster

Trying to fly the ‘climate’ flag when no-one seems to listen can be demoralising. Let us take those feelings away and help you to kick-start engagement within your organisation.

Our Bananas Taster gives audiences an understanding of what a carbon footprint is and helps them to realise the importance of taking climate action.

Choose between 30, 45 or 60 minutes and we will deliver an online immersive learning experience that will get everyone excited and mobilised about creating a positive climate impact.


Use it to:

  • Mobilise an apathetic Senior Leadership
  • Engage an unmotivated staff team.
  • Add sparkle to an away day.

What to expect:

Engaging Virtual Climate Education

Our Bananas Taster offer a unique blend of virtual learning and gamification, ensuring your audience not only grasps the essentials of climate change but also remains engaged and motivated.

Building Emotional Investment

We don't just educate audiences about climate change; we facilitate an emotional connection to the issue. By understanding the importance of net zero objectives on a deeper level, your audience will be more motivated to contribute to your organisation's climate plans.

Jargon-Free Learning

Complex scientific terms can be a barrier to understanding and engagement. That's why our Bananas Taster is free of unnecessary climate science jargon, making them accessible to all levels of understanding.

Relevant and Easy-to-Digest Content

Designed to be as relevant as possible to your organisation's context and challenges. We present the content in digestible chunks, ensuring everyone can understand and apply what they've learned to their organisation's net zero objectives.

Fun and Interactive Experience

Our taster is full of interactive activities and fun, creating a positive and inspiring atmosphere. This makes learning about climate change an enjoyable experience rather than death by Powerpoint!

Bespoke options

We can deliver bespoke online or face to face Banana Tasters for your organisation- chat to us to find out more.

Carbon Literacy Course (for Sustainability Leaders)

To start constructive and effective net zero conversations people need an understanding of why achieving net zero is so important. Becoming carbon literate is a practical way to get buy-in for your net zero plans.

But, to have the desired impact, introducing people to climate change and its impacts needs to be engaging, digestible and impactful.

Which is exactly what we do…

009-card games

Highly interactive- we use games to learn!


Quizzes and polls


Peer-led discussions


Meet other climate pioneers

Course Content:

Understanding Climate Science

Grasp the basics of climate science to build a compelling case for climate action within your organisation.

Assessing Your Impact

Discover the impact of your individual and your workplace's carbon footprint, and how you can implement effective change to contribute towards your net zero targets.

Inspiring Action

Learn how to use our 'How Bad are Bananas?' Carbon Footprint Game to motivate and engage your teams in creating their own green initiatives.

Becoming a Climate Ambassador

Transform into a confident advocate for climate change in your organisation, with the skills to inspire action and change.

Educating Others

Develop your skills to teach others how to contribute effectively towards your organisation's path to net zero.

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Carbon Literacy for Sustainability Leaders

Develop the skills to create a collective responsibility towards achieving your organisations net zero targets.

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Bananas Taster

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Quick and convincing virtual climate workshop to start net zero conversations.

Carbon Literacy


Develop your knowledge of climate change and impacts of carbon emission and learn the skills and tools needed to instigate organisational change.

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