The Banana Blog Unpeeling Sustainability

Just like peeling back the layers of a banana, we’re here to discuss the hidden truths about our carbon footprints, sustainability, and ‘greener’ way of living. Our content hub is inspired by the book ‘How Bad Are Bananas?’ by Mike Berners-Lee and we aim to bring you a fresh, engaging, and informative perspective on creating a greener future.

Join us on this exciting journey as we delve into the world of carbon emissions, eco-friendly practices, and innovative leadership. Get ready to unpeel the layers of sustainability and be part of a community that’s making a real difference—one banana at a time!

How do the Carbon Footprint games work?

From the selected pack of cards, players are invited to compare 5 paired items, and in each pair guess which item has the higher carbon footprint. Sometimes it’s easy (an eco-child vs an average child) sometimes it’s pretty tricky (the

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Who to use the Carbon Footprint games with…?

Anyone and everyone! Your pupils, students, staff, suppliers, customers, C-suite, managers, general public, small and large businesses. Show that you understand climate change and show how important engagement and learning is to all of your stakeholders.

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Why games are so effective

Research has shown that children can recall far better details of games they have played than most formal learning they receive. Using games as a way of learning works very effectively as they engage players in multiple different ways simultaneously.

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